A no bullsh*t, integrated, high performance platform designed for conscious entrepreneurs striving to change the world &
create massive impact.


Here’s the truth:
Time is not waiting for you.
Not yesterday, not today – and certainly not tomorrow! 

The world is changing at increasing speed, and so is business and life – and you know it. 

The pressure is on, not only to create a thriving business, but you are here for more.

You know, that you were born for something bigger, something beyond anything you could ever imagine: You are here to change the world. 

But you don’t have time for … well anything really, amiright?


You wish you’d be organized enough to do your laundry weekly and wouldn’t forget to go grocery shopping at times… and let’s not talk about that workout plan on your fridge that you haven’t looked at in months…

– but let’s be honest, that’s just how things are right now.

You are so deep into your work that you kinda forget everything else around you. That sounds fun… kinda. But now it became this heavy load of endless tasks on even more lists.

You don’t need another list – what you really need is a framework to help YOU work smarter, not harder.


Without having to consistently chase time, feel like you are way too busy to live life, or deliver on the promises you make to your clients, family and friends…
or before the worst happens… and you burn out completely.

In short: you need more time. Much more time.
(… or to clone yourself 3x but that’s not what we offer so, well, there’s that).

If you are ready to finally implement a real-life solution that is gonna help you slow down to speed up, get all the results while doing so AND will help you create the massive impact in the world you are dreaming of having… 


Less Busy.
More Impact.
Less Stress.
More Fulfillment.

We here at The High Performance Lab know that the conscious entrepreneurs from today, are the change-makers of tomorrow

The process is, of course, unique to you, but the method of how I help you is based on decades of my skills, knowledge & experience working with business owners and corporations to help them reach new heights.

The 4 pillars of my signature framework The T.I.M.E. Method® create the rock-solid foundation for you to build, stabilize, and grow your business upon.

But we know, that as a conscious entrepreneur who wants to change the world, these are not the only topics we truly care about. 

We care about sustainability, human rights, lifestyle design, the environment, and social impact as a whole. 

That’s why The High Performance Lab was created.

Here we are coming together as a community to build something bigger together, create massive impact and change the world.

That is why on top of my proven signature framework The T.I.M.E. Method® we will also add all of the topics above, invite experts to these topics, create powerful panel discussions and more for you to step in the most powerful version as the conscious world-changer that you are!

Time is Up

Time Management

Find your top 3 priorities, learn how to cut out all unnecessary bullshit, adapt a planning and time system that works for you, find the best systems to use & processes to follow for you and your team

mindset mastery

Mindset Mastery

Analyze what’s holding you back & is building a glass ceiling to your success, learn how to break through it, accessing the best tools and methods *for you* to use to level up & grow consistently and beat daily challenges like the shiny-object syndrome, imposter syndrome and others  

Lifestyle Design

Most of us (if not all) became entrepreneurs for that one reason, that keeps driving us to strive higher and further no matter how hard it gets: Freedom. Yet, we often have a hard time to define how freedom looks like to us. Learn about traveling, sustainability, minimalism and other amazing topics to help you create a life on your own terms. 

Freedom, that is.

Leadership 2

Impactful Leadership

create the most powerful version of yourself as a leader, learn how to show up as such in any situation and what it means to lead vs manage a team, get the best tools of crisis management on hands to be prepared for any shitstorm


Energy Efficiency

Create a powerful state of being through cutting out toxins in your life & business, create a consistent energy high (physically, spiritually & mentally), creating powerful habits, routines & rituals to support your mission and bring your mind, body and soul in alignment. 

social impact

Social Impact

As change-makers we have a great responsibility to use our platforms, influence, voices and power to change the world. That’s why we are not afraid to bring the tough conversations to the table and help you approach and navigate them in your life and business. Yes, we are talking about social injustice, racial injustice, environmental issues and more. These topics will be handled by experts that are invited to share their knowledge with our community. 

High on Life

“My business is growing, we had the biggest month to date. But, I don’t know, something is off. I feel like I’m failing as a business owner.

I’m just exhausted. I feel like I’m not supporting my team enough. I have so much on my plate I can’t keep up with any of it. Let alone answering messages, e-mails or attending calls on time. I can’t even remember when I took off a full weekend.”  – – – Sound familiar?

I hate to say this, but: shit is about to hit the fan, my friend. 

I get it. Most of my clients come to me with similar scenarios and there is a rather simple (not easy!) way forward: 

  • Identifying priorities and cutting out the unnecessary 
  • Focusing on the most important things in all areas of life
  • Freeing up time to make more impact

It’s time to create a strong commitment to yourself, your business, personal success and your loved ones.

Implementation is Key

IMPLEMENT together with our head-coach Monique on the monthly live workshops or masterclasses.

90 mins of interactive expert guidance to move you forward fast. Bring your individual scenarios to the table, get help and answers and immediately implement the solution in your life and business. These workshops are being held live (yes, recording available) and specifically tailored to YOUR needs.

So showing up fully is a double-win in the #HPL


Network in a COMMUNITY of change-makers, just like you.

Make new connections and open doors of opportunity for you, your business and the impact you want to create in this world. Since we are all about efficiency, you don’t need to leave our platform, but you got your people right on hand.

Join groups based on your favourite topics, have great discussions and grow your network of supporters – all without any annoying notifications or distractions pulling you away from what you are focusing on.  

integrated Accountability 

Monthly Q&A CALLS & Accountability Group Check-Ins to keep you on track. 

In our membership we don’t just want to see you strive but thrive and hence are keeping you ACCOUNTABLE as you eliminate, integrate and implement The High Performance Lab magic into your life and business.

We want to make sure you have all the time to integrate and implement hence we are giving you 2 opportunities to talk to our head coach Monique, chat with her and ask all of your questions – in two different ways, since we are all different and need different ways of interaction. Focus is super important at The High Performance Lab, so nothing will slip through the cracks of procrastination.

Q & A Call

The SUPER-Tonic to Fly High

Monthly Bonus Material for the topic of the months 


PRACTICE your knowledge and skills with our materials such as worksheets, podcasts, expert interviews, panel discussion, extra-masterclasses by the head-coach and more. Why don’t we just decide what we will do? It’s simple: Everyone learns differently, has a variety of needs and interests and I am here to serve YOU in the best and also most inclusive way I can. Besides, I am on the spectrum and making commitments like that upfront would freak me out, if ever I want to change something about it so decision is: I will offer what is best suited, most needed and most valuable to you.  

Monique has helped me to dramatically maximise my efficiency. (…) She’s also helped me to prioritize my most important tasks, and to feel less anxious and stressed. 

Stefan Georgi

Copywriter & Serial Entrepreneur

Monique has been super valuable to me and the work I do (…) She is excellent in organization, focus, at project management (…) and helped me move projects along to the point of completion, which was amazing (…)

Paloma Lev

High Ticket Sales Coach

To say Monique over-delivered would be a massive, massive understatement – Since that meeting, the team has been in sync, better organized, and served our customers better more consistently thanks to what we implemented that day.

Amar Ghose

CEO & Founder ZenMaid


I want to join The High Performance Lab - is it for me?

Let’s see: Are you chasing time? Are you overwhelmed, often stressed, sometimes plagued by anxiety and wish you had twice 24 hours in a day? Did you wish you could change the world but don’t know where to start?

Then The High Performance Lab is absolutely for you! 

Can I upgrade from the monthly to the yearly plan once I joined?

Yes. You can log into your membership account & upgrade your membership there or message us and we’ll help you out.

Can I cancel my membership?

Absolutely. If you pay on a monthly basis please notify us via e-mail or cancel in your account 15 days before your next payment. For yearly memberships you can cancel 15 days before the renewal of the membership.

I don't have time to learn new things - will I benefit from the lab?

See, it’s with everything in life: You get out what you put in. So if you just pay and never actually show up or watch any of the workshops, then there may not be much benefit. Yet, you will always have a great community to have your back. And that’s worth a lot by itself.

Do I get access to all topics even if I join later?

Yes! You will get access to all the recordings and any material that has been released in the running year so far.  

Will the topics repeat after 12 months?

Oh hell nah! I have a lot to say, hahaha believe me, I ain’t run out of topics for a while.

Can I ask you individual questions on the Q&A calls?

Absolutely. We’d LOVE you to! That’s why they are there for. It’s best to send your questions in before the call through the membership portal. 

EACH MONTH The High Performance Lab DELIVERS


1x 90min LIVE Workshop/Masterclass

A monthly live workshop or masterclass on the topic of the month, tailored by the community’s needs and shaped by YOU. Show up & Receive. 

JOIN THE Changemaker Community

Be surrounded by people who get you. We are all high-level entrepreneurs, here to change the world and not afraid to stand our truths. Inclusivity first!

Monthly Q&A Call & Accountability Check-In

Got questions? We got answers. Got stuck? We help you keep moving. Need reassurance? We got the inspiration! Whatever you need, we got your back!


Monthly resources, materials, podcasts, expert interviews, panel discussion or worksheets based on YOUR needs. We will bring the most valuable add-ons to you for the topic of the month.  

Ready to get started?

Meet your head-coach:
Monique Lindner

Well, here we are. That awkward moment I gotta say something about myself. The truth is while everyone would put some highly-professional write up here, I am just gonna be blunt about who I am: 

I am a highly-passionate, very straight-forward, sometimes awkward yet not uncomfortable woman standing in her power. I am speaking my truth bluntly which helps that I am on the spectrum (yes, that autism one), but you wouldn’t really know if I wasn’t telling you ’cause life was a great theatre-stage to practice on. I am here to change the world, and while many may just say that – I mean it

Hence, me creating this community not only to share my knowledge and message but especially as part of my mission – to help more people create change and social impact in this world from a place of pure kindness. 

You can call me a justice warrior, although I wouldn’t, but activism is in my blood and I sure as hell kick people’s ass if they use my space for some BS. So if you are ready for the real work, the social impact grounded in spirituality that’s not the by-passing “love & light” crap we see people hide behind, then you are very welcome here and I can’t wait to get to know you!

Monique Lindner –

Conscious Leadership Specialist, Social Change-Maker, Global Citizen & A Psychic somewhere on the spectrum

Ready to get started?