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Learn How to create more time, reduce stress and overwhelm & grow your business sustainably 

Building a business can be rough as is – and in the online world we see on every social media corner what we are doing wrong, why we are imposters and why our business sucks. I am done with this BS to be honest *shrug*

Who the F are these people, thinking they can make up some funky rules, to then sell us the next shiny object, that doesn’t get us any further than we’ve been a year or 5 ago? See, the online world is a special place (so is offline, but hej 😉 ) and it comes with some tricky challenges to navigate. But what it doesn’t come with is a new set of “You have to”.

Since I started my business in 2017 I have always done things ‘my’ way because let’s be honest, that’s exactly why I have left my previous way of living behind. Why the heck would I leave my home country, travel fulltime, build my own business and live life fully each moment – only though that people online can tell me I do it all wrong? F*ck that.

This needs to change – and that’s the reason I built this membership experience, for entrepreneurs to be in community, support and celebrate each other AND to create a stress-free, sustainable life and business that lights you up!

This is a judgement free zone, where entrepreneurs who want to live a full life AND built a successful business come together – and learn to do it their way.


I’d already received coaching from Monique before, so when I saw she was offering a chance to get even more face-time from her… I jumped at it! Running your own business isn’t easy. There’s always a bajillion things trying to stop you from being successful (like, hiring risks… productivity killers… and at times, your own headspace.) When I face one of these, I bring them to Monique. I’m yet to ever have her “stumped”. She’s regarded as the best high-performance coach for good reason. Every piece of advice I’ve received has been right on the money… so yeah, I recommend getting as close to Monique as you can. And the best way I know to do that is through the High Performance Lab.

Chris Wright

Copy Writer & Mentor

Craving to Live Life more intentionally, with more joy and time for YOU – while thriving in your business?

You’re Not Alone. And Yes, It’s Possible.

Holistic High Performance can help you bring all of the things into your life and business that you truly want! I am not talking about the next manifestation trick or fairy powder thrown into the full moon air – although Holistic High Performance can feel quite magical.

In fact, it combines the latest neuro-scientifical methods to improve your mind & brain-power, the best productivity and time management techniques even for us neurodiverse people, as well as leadership skills that every entrepreneur needs to know and the best of lifestyle design, energy efficiency & social impact.


Many entrepreneurs face a bajillion of decisions and challenges each day, often as the solo decision-maker in their business. While we do set goals, make a plan or even have a strategy – we often simply forget to really hone in the most important aspect of our business: our priorities. Without priorities, we are like the fox chasing 2 rabbits – and ain’t catching any of them. 

The biggest part is understanding our priorities and how they’ll change the decisions You will make in your life and business – for the better. The High Performance Lab helps you to achieve exactly that!

The #HPL’s foundation is my signature VIP framework The Time Method® which I have created in 2018. It’s based on the 4 pillars that in over a decade of research, studies, work & life experience I found to be the most crucial to a successful and fulfilling work/life – integration. I added 2 more pillars that I believe are super important for us entrepreneurs as we often work location independent or in a rather non-traditional way – and we are the ChangeMakers of tomorrow. With this responsibility we better be prepared… 
These are the 6 pillars we are working with:

Time Management

Time Management

Impactful Leadership

Impactful Leadership

Mindset Mastery

Mindset Mastery

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficieny

Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle Design

Social Impact

Social Impact

Breaking Patterns can be hard – but creating change Doesn’t Have To Be

Let’s be honest: Most of us have a really hard time getting out of our rut, breaking old habits, unhealthy patterns that we are stuck with, and taking the first step towards change. Oftentimes we are also overwhelmed by all the ways how to move forward and don’t know: Which way is the best for us

Then we do, what every entrepreneur would do: Check the internet (ha). But instead of something helpful we are finding marketers & gurus telling us that we can make 10k in 10 days, find a partner in 15 days if only we are not like, well, us or we can even become a Crypto-Millionaire in under 30 days if only we just invest 50k with that guru. Sigh. Those big shallow promises, with their empty realisation that often comes with disappointment  – but why?

Because there is no shortcut to change.
Science has proven over and over again that it takes between 21 – 218 days (yes, that’s about 7 months!) to create new habits, depending on their difficulty. The average is 66 days.

Breaking patterns & creating real change needs time and we ain’t gonna lie to you about it. That’s the reason we are working topical on a monthly basis – one topic at the time, different learning methods & materials for you to really implement what you learn – instead of just stacking up new knowledge! 
And the best part: you can choose between signing up monthly or safe $444 on a yearly subscription with us. 



“The #HPL has shattered my limiting beliefs on what it takes to achieve deep work. I used to think that I should ALWAYS be able to achieve X amount of work in X amount of time. Or that I should be at a certain level in terms of my career if I just did X. The #HPL has helped me recenter myself not just in work, but in life outside of work. It’s given me a whole new meaning of what fulfillment really means, and how I can achieve that using the systems and philosophies found in #HPL

Anton Reyes

E-Mail Copy Writer & List Manager

About Monique

Holistic High Performance & Leadership Coach

Since my university degree in process, project & events- management (yeah that’s an actual thing 😉 ) I have always found that there’s something missing. It always felt like I was in a loop of Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better
Faster, Stronger” (bless ’em). There wasn’t a a less hustling approach of being efficient, high performing and high achieving – it always seemed to be that “one way”. Well, I certainly I identified as high performer and any other label you can put on someone like me – until I died. Yeah, just like that. I suffered from a cardiac arrest and was clinical dead for 25 seconds – by age 19! What? 19 you ask? Yep, I started work early and had up to 3 jobs besides high school, later university, due to my circumstances, but that’s for another day.  The end of that road was this: a cardiac arrest. Ever since I have studied more, worked in high-demanding, high achieving jobs, agencies and international industries, gained a lot of experience in many different countries – and with each year I was more convinced: There must be another way.
So I created one: Holistic High Performance. 


It doesn’t matter if the Impact I create is to change ONE person’s life – or many people’s lives today. Knowing that I am able to impact just one person’s life who then may change another person’s life and hence create a ripple effect of change – that what it’s all about for me. We all have the power to impact people, but we don’t use it often enough. It starts with simply being more kind. Kindness can change people’s days and often their paths. Let’s be more kind, let’s create more impact, let’s be the change. 


Whatever your beliefs are, if you pray to God, Allah, the Universe, the Divine or simply live a life in faith – what connects us all is Energy. It’s pure physics: We are all energy. In my world energy is immense important just as much as the space that we create. In this space there’s no room for racism, sexism, bigotry & hate speech, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or any discrimination. We are operating in the highest energy possible, and we are planted firmly on this planet with two feet in reality.


I chose Independence over freedom because I believe not many people understand that we are never truly “free” as such (eg. thanks to our cognitive biases 😉 ). Being independent to me means, being able to live a life on my own terms, rather than society’s expectations, building my business in a way that I love, enjoy and it fulfils me, instead of following  someone else’s blueprint and being able to choose each day again how I want to live life that day. 


THE 15min. audio-experience:
6 Ways to Get rid of any distractions

In my recent book “The T.I.M.E. Method – a no bullsh*t approach to creating an abundance of time” I wrote about the power of focus and how it can help us create a more joyful life on our terms. This audio-experience is a part of the book I am reading for you so you can get rid of your distractions, get laser-focused and start living life on your terms!



“I hired Monique Lindner as a coach about two years ago. We worked together for about 6 months and she made a huge impact on me and my success.

Specifically, Monique really helped me to understand that I don’t need to work 12 hours a day to get a ton done. I went from working 12 hours to working 5-6 hours most days…

While taking the weekends off…

Yet thanks to Monique I found I was accomplishing 2-3x as much each week as before I began working with her…

And I felt significantly calmer and more relaxed too.

Monique’s time management skills are next level (I still use them today). She helped me to identify the places where I was wasting energy without any kind of ROI (mental, spiritual, financial, emotional, etc).

The woman just helped me a TON.

If you’ve been looking for a coach who can help improve your performance and increase your productivity (while returning several hours to each of your days)… I’d highly recommend sending her a friend request and chatting her up. I’m not sure if she’s taking on any clients or not… But if she is – it’s worth jumping at the opportunity to work with her because you won’t be disappointed.”
Stefan Georgi

Copy Writer, Coach & Serial Entrepreneur

I am a freelance English-Japanese translator and was struggling to deal with the workload due to my focus issue.

One productive session with Monique changed my way to use the time straight away. She knows what she does. She walks through your issues and changeable habits with you, yet she is also flexible if a certain way doesn’t simply work for you.

Talking with her has made me feel like I can do anything, and this is the mindset I need to have while working and traveling at the same time.“

Azusa Makita

Japanese-English Translator

We were expecting an hour-long sit-down but to say Monique over-delivered would be a massive, massive understatement – both of our executives spent 3+ hours going through the various items they needed to take into account and consider going forward. Since that meeting the team has been in sync, better organized, and served our customers better more consistently thanks to what we implemented that day. Monique has also been available since for us to ping for ideas and feedback – something that’s invaluable when we were swamped by so much useful info so quickly”

Amar Ghose

Founder & CEO ZenMaid

More Life. Less Stress. More Zone of Genius. Less Work. 

The High Performance Lab really is a place for you to let go of society’s expectations of how work & life looks like and instead: create your own. 

Through a holistic approach to High Performance and Leadership you will learn how to asses, set & follow your priorities so you can finally do the things you love doing, without the work-guilt, while growing your business. You will also get to understand more about yourself as a leader, your natural energy patterns, as well as breaking free from limiting beliefs. 

Besides that you will learn how to design a life you love, free from expectations you may have subscribed to, how to take responsibility for your own life, your business & team – and the planet we call our home!

Because let’s be honest, we entrepreneurs are the Changemakers of tomorrow.
If we don’t change the world then who? If not now, then when?


Holistic Ways to High Performance and a LIfe on Your Terms

Spirituality is for By-Passers

Spirituality is for By-Passers

Why entrepreneurs need to reclaim spirituality in business When I first started traveling solo by the age of 19 I started meeting many different people from all walks of life. In conversations, I would hear about concepts I hadn’t encountered before. Some of them were...


To give you a better overview of what topics can look like, I want to share the recent topics we have been working through in #HPL. There is also a bonus masterclass as well as other content like our monthly group coaching that can have any and all topics for you to learn from based on the members’ requests. Monthly topics are based on the signature framework plus our members are able to request topics that are important to them. If they are a fit under our framework we are happy to implement them with you together:

Big Vision - Step by Step | How to create a vision for your life & business

The pursuit of fulfillment | How we can find joy & fulfillment in life & business

Here & Now | How to live & work in the present moment

Bonus Masterclass: How to get more done in less time based on your Chrono-Energy Types

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? We got answers!

I want to join The High Performance Lab - is it for me?

Let’s see: Do you feel overwhelmed, often stressed, overthink a lot, and wish you had twice 24 hours in a day? Do you wish you could live your life more on your own terms – and grow your business just like that? And are you also looking to create a massive impact with the work you do?

Then The High Performance Lab is absolutely for you! 

Can I upgrade from monthly to yearly plan once I joined?

Yes. You can log into your membership account & upgrade your membership there or message us and we’ll help you out.

Can I cancel my membership?

Absolutely. If you are on a monthly plan, please notify us via e-mail or cancel in your account 15 days before your next payment is due. For yearly memberships, you can cancel 15 days before the renewal of the membership at the end of the year.

I don't have time to learn new things - will I benefit from #HPL?

See, it’s with everything in life: You get out what you put in. So if you just pay and never actually show up or watch any of the workshops, then there may not be many benefits for you. Yet, you will always have a great community to have your back. And that’s worth a lot by itself.

Do I get access to all topics even if I join later?

Yes! You will get access to all the recordings and any material that has been released so far. 

Can I ask you individual questions on the group calls?

Absolutely. We’d LOVE you to do so! That’s why we created them. It’s best to send your questions in before the call through the membership portal, but no issue at all to ask ad hoc. 


Join us now on a monthly or yearly basis. Design a life on your own terms, while growing a sustainable business and creating a lasting impact in this world!

$222.00 – I WANT IN Includes 20% tax
$2,220.00 – I WANT IN Includes 20% tax

Powerful Workshops

Every month a new workshop based on the monthly topic – live for you to attend (or to watch the replay)

Group Coaching

Impactful Group Coaching

Ask all of your questions and get personal coaching on our monthly calls – without the high-ticket pricetag!

Helpful Resources

We share worksheets, podcast episodes, videos or other resources based on the monthly topic with you, so you can get an even better understanding of the matter.

Energetic Office Hours

Join our office hours, meet the other #HPL members and co-work through some tough tasks together twice per month.

The Path to living life intentionally, growing your business sustainably & leaving a lasting impact in this world

Each month we will work on one focus topic, based on the pillars of the signature framework The T.I.M.E. Method® + two pillars that round up the Holistic High Performance that this model is built upon.
These pillars are: Time Management, Impactful Leadership, Mindset Mastery, Energy Efficiency, Lifestyle Design & Social Impact.  

A focus topic lasts for the full month and will be worked through in our workshop. the group coaching call as well as resources that are prepared and shared for you. In our co-working office hours we support you with the implementation and working on your most important tasks – those that we often procrastinate on the most. 

This model of working through a topic laser-focused for 30 days (or a full month) is based on different learning styles so everyone gets to learn their own way, as well as the scientific prove that change takes time and needs consistent action to be taken. 

Our goal is for you to have all changes you need implemented by the end of each month, together with the help of our community & coach!

Are you ready to take the first step towards a life & business on your terms?