• 2 Lessons

    #Bonus – Masterclass: Chrono-Energy Types

    WORK 25% LESS LIVE 100% MORE

    How to take Mondays off* with ease & increase your energy while keep running
    your business as usual – without feeling overwhelmed or having to work more on any of the other days.
    (*or any other extra day!)

    In this 2-Part Masterclass (a bonus, for our #changemakers!) we will 


     Learn which of the 4 Chrono-Energy Type is yours and what it means for your daily life
     Learn how to apply your Chrono-Energy Type to your life & Business and save up to 25% of working time


     Learn how to schedule your activities & tasks based on your Chrono-Energy Type 
     Create more time & energy using the best recharge times & methods for your type and how to integrate them

  • 4 Lessons

    #HPL – Month 3: Here & Now

    - How to live more in the present moment. We have the tools to change our perception, we know how to increase our awareness and we damn well meditate our way into new dimensions... but how can we apply all of this 'now'? How can we make sure we are not getting ahead of ourselves, living in and often fearing the future, or worse being stuck in and overthinking the past? Even though we know all the tools, our brain tricks us consistently into new ways of believing it is not "safe" for us to grow, to expand, or to try new things? But that is far from the truth. So how can we catch this in the moment and change?   That's this month's topic and we will look deeper into different ways how to get back into Here & Now.