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Monique · May 27, 2021

Now to this part: Since we ain’t do any pre-recorded stuff here for all of my workshops in the #HPL (yes they are all live, done with you workshops, YEAH!) that means coming into this new and shiny space it can look a lil’ empty … and I don’t want that.

Plus I do have an AMAZING workshop I gave last year for the infamous UK Conference Atomicon that will help you start to save the first 5-10 hours a week to free up your time so we can really get into all of the good stuff together!

No worries, I will get to all of the topics in this workshop in an in-depth workshop for each of them. But I KNOW how important it is to first start with prioritizing your time, being able to schedule your week ahead and get some breathing space into your week – because this is what will free up the time and space for us to do the real deep work together we do in here.

And I promise, even though this is pre-recorded, it’s fun!

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