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Day 1 – What are limiting beliefs and fears

Monique May 14, 2020

Fears & Limiting Beliefs. Not quite our favorite topics to talk about, let alone share them in a community, ay? Right. And *bam* we are already knee-deep in the works. See, the belief that we can not /should not/ share our fears and limiting beliefs with ours, especially in a business context is, quite frankly bullshit, and limiting by itself. Because whom else are we gonna share these thoughts and beliefs and patterns with when not fellow peers who are literally the ones who can understand us, resonate with what we share and walk the journey with us? Isn’t that … weird? So – let’s just bust that belief from here on. In the next days, it is |crucial| that you are willing to open up, share and go deep – as well as receive the same from your peers here and that we will not judge. Neither ourselves nor our fellow #HPL members. So for this week, I am asking one thing from you (okay, two): Be open & Be kind.


  • What are limiting beliefs and fears?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Why can they be helpful?


  1. Read the intro to the lesson
  2. Download any material needed in the “Material” tab
  3. Watch the video
  4. Fulfill your Action Steps
  5. Go to our group for this challenge and share your results or ask questions


  • Trello Board Template (please copy into your own Trello dashboard first)


1| Go to the Trello Board & copy it to your dashboard, to make sure you work in your board so that every member gets to use a blank board

2| See List 1: Write out all of your fears and limiting beliefs in one area of your life or business that’s currently holding you back the most (one card per fear/belief)

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